Sarah Bingham

Sarah Bingham was born and raised in Germany. Studied Sociology, Political Science and Psychology at the University of Stuttgart, earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology at the NEW SCHOOL in New York City. Design studies and diploma from UCLA in Los Angeles. Sarah worked for seven years in LOS ANGELES in film production at Sony Pictures and in creative arts. Back in MUNICH, Germany, she started working as a creative producer and photographer generating digital content for fashion, lifestyle + art brands. Together with Johannes Rodach she is part of the creative duo stereoacht.

“My focus is on creating exceptional stories, stunning imagery and providing expertise in content creation, based on the latest trends from the design and art worlds.Thanks to living ten years in New York and Los Angeles and to my broad range of experience in all aspects of creative direction and content creation, I have developed a strong and intuitive feeling for visual communication and marketing. I draw from a strong network of experts, creative talent and leading brands.”