NICOLAS PADRON … ein Fotokünstler mit Leib und Seele
Der in New York lebende Künstler Nicolas Padron wurde mir von einer Freundin vorgestellt und ich war umgehend angetan von dem facettenreichen Fotografen und seiner Arbeit. Er ist ein Künstler, der sich immer weiter entwickeln möchte, der sucht  und findet und weiter sucht. Seine Vielseitigkeit, seine Neugier und große Leidenschaft zeigen sich auch in seinen Bildern. Nicolas arbeitet mit Top Models, wie Toni Garrn und Jessica Hart zusammen, fotografiert die neue Marni Kollektion for H&M, shootet Videos für Calvin Klein, ist aber auch mutig und inszeniert Bilder, die edgy und roh sind. Seine Kunst ist es mit Leib und Seele zu arbeiten, sich mit dem Objekt zu verschmelzen und die Wahrhaftigkeit des Augenblicks einzufangen.

Interview mit Nicolas 

Why did you become a photographer?
I never really thought I would become a photographer, nor did I specifically intend to become one. I always just saw myself as an artist and still think of myself as an artist. I guess I just got to a point where photography became the medium I was using to express myself and then I started shooting full time. I’ve been working on a lot of film projects recently and in the future you will see more films, shorts, and music videos from me. I’ve been heading in that direction. I am addicted to photography now and I’ll never stop shooting.

What goes through your mind while you are shooting and taking pictures?
I guess it has to do with the subject matter, the goal of the shoot and the context that I’m shooting in. It is different in every scenario, whether I am shooting art, fashion, something for a personal project or interest, or if I’m shooting a friend or a portrait. Overall, I am thinking about capturing something timeless, something that moves me, in the hope that it will move others. But then I’ll get a fashion project and sometimes it will be sterile, because the context is meant to be all about selling the clothing.

What do you love about your work? 
I love the spontaneity of my work and how it can take me places. Maybe to a place I have never been emotionally. It may even get me to know someone better or build a relationship I never had. My work even takes me places physically like Paris, or St Bart’s or wherever because I get to travel for my work, which is amazing. With photography you really have to talk with the person you are shooting and create a bond with them so they are comfortable with you and are willing to go there with you. You have to get them to let go and be fearless. Sometimes it is hard because it is almost like you have to fall in love with them and then let them go.

What inspires you? 
I am interested in films, specifically films that tell a great story. I think now I am starting to realize that it isn’t just capturing something visual, but how that visual imagery tells the story that makes it meaningful. I also study a lot of artists and their work. I’m inspired by life, traveling, seeing new things, taking risks and trying to incorporate all of that into an idea.

Where are you from and how did you end up in New York?
I was born in Rockford, Illinois, the middle of nowhere …  I later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I studied Industrial design and business. While in college I met a photographer who got me signed with Ford modeling agency at 19.  Then I visited an agency in NY and a week later I booked several jobs in NY and LA. So, I just moved to NY. I never really cared about modeling but I used the money to buy gear/camera equipment. I was always focused on making art and was investing my money into projects, since shooting medium format is a very expensive hobby. Then I moved to digital so I could learn faster. However, now I prefer shooting medium format film.

What do you like about living in New York?
I like Brooklyn. It chills me out a bit. Living in NYC is great because anything is possible! Dreams can come true over night, it is unlike any city I have ever lived in. I have had many things I’ve wished for come true here. NY is rough at times, it can sometimes eat you up and spit you out. But if you have a vision and a goal you can achieve anything you put your mind to!!


New York Restaurant Tips by Nicolas…

Cafe Habana, 17 Prince Street  New York, NY 10012, Spanish Food,

La Esquina, 106 Kenmare Street  New York, NY 10012, Spanish Restaurant,

Cafe Gitane,  242 Mott Street  New York, NY 10012, French-Moroccan Restaurant,

Bianca’s, 5 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10012,

Ruby’s,  219 Mulberry Street, corner of Spring St., New York, NY 10012, “This is a hidden gem that has the best burger “Bonte” you will ever have!”



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