“Awkward Cards” is a hilarious series of greeting cards by illustrator Emily McDowell, that we all can identify  with. The fun and intuitive words just nail it. We have all been there … and it’s pretty touching too. Thank you, Emily !




“When I launched my card line, my intention was to make cards that speak to the relationships we actually have, not the ones we wish we had. Every card we release goes back to that principle, but to me, the Awkward Cards embody it in the purest way. Relationships are messy and weird and hard to define sometimes, and I think the Awkward Cards capture that in a relatable, universal way. I love making anything that helps people feel understood — it means a lot to me when people pick one up and think, ‘So I’m NOT the only person who feels this way? What a relief!'” Emily Mc Dowell


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For much more, visit her website! Emily McDowell

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