Michael von Hassel’s “hyperrealistic” pictures look like beautiful paintings but they are truly photorealistic. The captivating images impress the beholder with fascinating contrasts, bursting colors and magnificent arrangements of light. The German artist creates an intriguing interplay of reality and fantasy and the mysterious and beautiful world he proposes captures us in many ways. It enables us to see the unseen. His work is truly passionate, powerful and mesmerizing !


Michael von Hassel held a large number of national and international exhibitions. Since 2006, his art has been part of in Germany’s most renowned gallery for photography, Camera Work in Berlin. Here Michael is one of the youngest members of the hand-picked group of world’s best photographers. Besides Berlin, Michael is working with galleries and partners in Munich, St. Christoph, Bregenz, Kirchberg, Moscow and New York City. The artworks are each published in editions of five, are real photos (not prints), and offered in various formats. His artworks are now also part of corporate and private art collections.